Braces payment plan calculator

Our braces payment plan calculator allows you to figure out if treatment is within your price range. These dental devices cost anywhere from as little as $3000 to over $10000. We offer services to help you find affordable options near you.

How much do braces really cost?

Braces cost between $3000 and $10000. Different materials are priced differently but offer a variety of levels of discretion.

Metal devices are the most efficient. They cost the least and require the least time to be effective. However, they are the most visible and intrusive.

Unfortunately, more discrete variants raise prices significantly. Lingual braces maintain the effectiveness of metal but place appliances on the inside of the mouth. The average cost for this form is between $8000 and $10000.

Invisalign models are nearly undetectable. They use trays of clear plastic to move teeth a tiny amount at a time. While these braces cost less than lingual versions, they require more time to work.

Alongside initial installments, a visit to an orthodontist is required every four to six months. Length of treatment causes prices to fluctuate depending on the amount of time spent and complexity of your issues. Costs for a child for 12 months may be as little as $2457 according to Value Penguin and quickly escalate to over $9829. Adults see a small increase in cost.

Some options run much cheaper. Early phase one treatment of palate and misalignment for a period of 8-15 months for children can run as low as $1800.

Our calculator factors in overall treatment cost and time to provide the most accurate estimate possible. The program covers up to 30 months of treatment.

Do insurers cover the cost of braces?

Many insurers cover the cost of braces within dental plans. Humana, Aetna, and others offer plans including coverage. The average out of pocket payment for traditional metal braces was $3407.

Our calculator allows you to factor in co-payment amounts. We want you to see exactly what you can expect to pay over the lifetime of your treatment.

How does a down payment affect the cost of my braces?

A down payment drastically reduces your out of pocket cost. The payment amount comes directly out of the total.

An initial down payment of $1000 on a $5000 treatment option leaves $4000 to be paid out of pocket. With certain insurance plans, this amount drops roughly $600. Monthly costs are as little as thirty-three dollars for eighteen months.

Our calculator takes care of all the necessary variables. Our program allows you to see exactly what your family can afford.

Braces improve overall health and well-being. They may be obtained for cosmetic or medical reasons such as the inability to chew or severe misalignment. Through our free online consultation and braces payment plan calculator, you have an upfront view of the effect of treatment.

We connect you with credible orthodontists using images of your teeth from the comfort of your own home to create a comprehensive quote. To understand these costs visit our website today.

Braces payment plan calculator
Braces payment plan calculator
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