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Rehab Centers in California

Rehab centers in California help you return to life more productive and ready to tackle your demons. Dana Point Rehab Campus located just minutes from the Pacific Ocean offers expert attention in a relaxed environment.

How can rehab help me?

Nearly 20 million Americans experience addiction. Opioids continue to wreak havoc on America. Your friend and family do not have the same experience as a therapist in dealing with your issues.

You are not alone in your suffering and we are experienced in helping you. Our counselors believe in an approach that focuses on empowering you to overcome your triggers and integrate productively into society.

Why should I visit a rehab center?

Allowing your addiction to run your life is often disastrous. Health problems range from hair and tooth loss to death. It can often feel impossible to beat the overwhelming odds without the help of an expert.

Not only does addiction impact your life, it also hurts those around you. Child protective services, divorce, and a criminal background that becomes apparent in a broader search of your family name plague your relatives. Helping yourself also helps those closest to you.

What are the benefits of visiting a rehab center?

The community you place yourself in can often impact your behavior. Peer pressure is a real problem. Use of ecstasy and cocaine is on the rise in the 16 to 24 age group specifically due to peer pressure with an increasing prevalence of drugs and alcohol at social events in the 24 to 34 age group.

A separate live-in environment allows you to tackle your problems and develop patterns to cope with cravings. We help you to slowly integrate back into life supported by those who are most likely to help you stay clean.

Achieve results with professional help

Your family and friends may not support your habit but are also less likely to understand your issues. Once you complete rehab, many family members see staying clean as the end result rather than the importance of becoming a part of society.

Experts dive into your problems while helping you overcome the issues leading to your cravings. We find ways to help you stay clean and get back on your feet. From our specifically tailored detoxification program to outpatient interview, we help you get on top of addiction.

Private and compassionate care

Compassionate care is the bulwark of staying clean. A customized approach to care tackles your issues.

You deserve the same care and compassion as anyone else. A tough stance on drugs does not always work.

Rehab Centers in California

Dana Point Rehab Campus is a caring facility. We want you to succeed. With our customized approach to care, we help you get on top of your addiction.

Our facility offers residential live-in, partial hospitalization, therapy, and other features to help get you back to life. Do not let addiction harm you and the ones you love, get in touch with our caring professionals today.


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Rehab Centers in California
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