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SW Calgary Emergency Dental

SW Calgary Emergency Dental
Do you require SW Calgary emergency dental treatment? There’s a Dental Studio available to patients experiencing dental emergencies, and it’s right in the heart of the Chinook Centre Mall.
You deserve a South Calgary dentist who can offer a full range of dental services in a location that is convenient to you. That’s why Chinook Dental Studios provides everything from Implant Dentistry to General and Family dental services, and even emergency dental- all in a location that makes it easy for you to seek treatment.
Chinook Dental cares about you, and wants to make sure they are available for you during a dental emergency. Please take note of the SW Calgary Emergency Dental Clinic’s phone number to contact them outside of regular clinic hours: 403-252-1404. It is the goal of the South Calgary dentist to provide you and your family with a high level of service at each and every visit. 
Feeling a bit anxious about an emergency visit? Chinook Centre offers oral, nitrous oxide and IV sedation dentistry for your comfort and ease. Don’t feel shy about letting the SW Calgary emergency dental clinic know that you feel nervous- you’re not alone. Fear of the dental chair is reported to occur in up to 75% of people, to one degree or another. Let Chinook Dental Studio provide you with Sedation Dentistry so that you can get the dental treatment you need for great oral health.
Don’t let the cost of emergency care keep you from seeking treatment at the SW Calgary Emergency Dental clinic. If you don’t have dental insurance or are worried about the cost of dental services in an emergency situation, Chinook can offer outside dental financing that can be applied for in office or online. Financing approval can often be done online in a matter of minutes.
The following are the most common reasons for patients to call the SW Calgary Emergency Dental Clinic:
- Knocked out tooth
- Chipped tooth
- Cracked or broken tooth
- Loosened tooth
- Bitten lip or tongue
- Infection or abscessed tooth or gums
- Toothache
- Loose restoration, such as a dental crown, filling or bridge
Know that any time you are experiencing dental pain, it can be considered an emergency. Call the SW Calgary Emergency Dental Clinic if you are in pain. 
Seeing your dentist regularly for dental exams could be the most important preventative action you can take. During your dental exam, Chinook Dental’s team are naturally checking for signs of weakened teeth, loosened or aging restorations and early signs of inflammation that would indicate the presence of infection.
Another important preventative action you can take to avoid dental emergencies is to wear a properly fitting mouth guard while playing contact sports. Research has shown that a large percentage of dental injuries are sports related. Wearing a properly fitting mouth guard can prevent many of these injuries.
Don’t suffer needlessly with a dental emergency! Call the SW Calgary Emergency Dental Clinic at 403-252-1404. You’ll be glad you made the call, and you’ll leave the office feeling like a new person!
SW Calgary Emergency Dental
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