Your First Visit

What Happens at Your First Appointment at Memorial Square Dental Clinic?

When you first visit us at Memorial Square Dental Clinic, it is a very special occasion for us as we will all be meeting each other for the very first time. Since first impressions are the most important, that is why, during your visit, we want to ensure that you, your family or your friends have a great first experience of our dental clinic.

What Can You Expect?

We will use your first appointment to gather very important information about your current dental and overall general health. We will take the time to discuss your medical history and any possible concerns you may have either with visiting the dentist or any financial questions you may have.

Our first goal will be to assess your current oral condition. We do this by first obtaining a series of dental x-rays. If you have had x-rays taken at another dental office within the last year, we can contact them on for you to have those x-rays transferred over to us, saving you the expense and the time.

Our dental team will then carry out your new patient examination so they can diagnose and prepare a treatment plan specific to your current oral health. If required, we will then send this information over to our administration team so they can coordinate with your insurance coverage so you can plan for any treatment you may require.

Your first dental visit may include:

  • Completing of any paperwork
  • Complete dental exam to evaluate the health of your teeth
  • Analysis of your current dental restorations
  • Periodontal examination to assess the health of your gums
  • Exam to determine the health of your jaw
  • Diagnostic digital x-rays and intraoral photos
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • 3D Digital Scan

When you first visit us, we also take the time to talk with you about any previous concerns you may have had or discuss your previous dental experiences as well as formulate a strategy to achieve your dental health goals.

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

At the recommendation of the Canadian Dental Association, parents are encouraged to bring your children to the dentist by age one or when their first teeth make an appearance. Our dentist and dental team are kid-friendly and will help your little one become familiar with our dental office and dental team. We want to reassure you that your child’s development and growth are on track.

Happy visits up to age 3 are always complimentary at Memorial Square Dental!

Are You Visiting Us as An Emergency Patient?

At Memorial Square Dental Clinic, we welcome all patients who require same day Emergency Dental Care. Our goal is to get you seen by our dentists that same day so we can alleviate your pain! So we welcome your phone calls, even if you are not a regular patient of our clinic.

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